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Vorige: None
Huidige: Candace
Volgende: None

This article is about the song "Candace." For more information about the character Candace, see Candace Flynn.

"Candace", featured in "Candace Loses Her Head", was sung inside Candace's dream during the beginning of the episode.


She's Candace...
Like the Venus De Milo, except she's not armless and handless...
She's got a big honking truckload of ship-launching qualities, and this...
Is the reason she bears no resemblance to a praying mantis...

A name with seven letters!
Only wears designer sweaters!
She's got an allergy to dairy!
And she's anything but ordinary!

(Perry chatters)

Candace: Perry?

Background InformationEdit

  • This song first revealed that Candace has an allergy to dairy.

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