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The Daily Danville is the official newspaper of the city of Danville. It covers all important political, business, and personal news occurring throughout the city. A rather constant subject the newspaper covers is that of now-Mayor, Roger Doofenshmirtz, and is updated amazingly quickly. ("Tree to Get Ready," "Hail Doofania!," "The Flying Fishmonger")

Known headlinesEdit

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The Daily covering Roger Doofenshmirtz's ceremony.

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Background InformationEdit

  • During "Tree to Get Ready," the title header of the Daily Danville is in red letters, with a banner on top of it with a sun and trumpets. When shown in "Hail Doofania!," the header is the same, only the words are light gray instead of red. This is likely because of a coloring mistake. In "The Flying Fishmonger," the header is just the banner.

Appearances and referencesEdit

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