Danville For Niceness
Liedjes door Cast of Phineas and Ferb
Genre(s): Hope
Lengte: 1:01
Vorige: none
Huidige: Danville For Niceness
Volgende: none

Danville For Niceness is a song sung by all of Danville through the WJOP TV when the whole city is branded "naughty".


Lyrics in itialics are on soundtrack only.

Phineas: Everybody's saying we're naughty,
It's getting really hard to take.
Isabella: So we've come to let the whole world know there must have been a mistake.

Baljeet: So if Santa and his elves can hear us,
We hope we've been clear and concise.
Buford: In the verses vice versus us.
Baljeet: Vice versa: us versus vice.

Everyone: Danville is very nice
Santa, please
Check your list more than twice

Blay'n (Not singing; referring to "Danville for Niceness" committee as they sing): Danville. What's he talking about?

Clewn't: Let me see that list of last minute naughties.

Blay'n: Theyre all from the same place.

Clewn't: Hmmm. We've got to get to the bottom of this....

Everyone (While Clewn't and Blay'n talk):
Danville is very nice
Santa, please
Check your list more than twice.

Can't you see?
Danville is very nice
Santa, please
Check your list more than twice
You've got to see
Danville is very nice

Allusions Edit

  • The format the song is sung in is similar to "We Are The World". Including the fact that the "Danville is nice" sign bears a resemblance to the "USA For Africa" sign. (USA For Africa funded "We Are the World")

In Dutch, everyone sings "Die Stad" instead of Danville. "Die Stad" means That City.


  • When Clewn't & Blay'n are looking at the screens, Isabella is shown on the second to the top row of screens 3rd to the left.
  • They are looking at 24 screens(6 across 4 down)

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