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A Doonkleberry is a fruit that grows in Druelselstein. ("Raging Bully")

Cake Edit

Dookle Berry Cake Mix

Heinz Doofenshmirtz received a Doonkleberry cake for his fifth birthday and learned that Doonkleberry Bats swarm to it when he carried it home uncovered. As an adult, he used a large bowl of "Dookle Berry Cake Mix" to trap Agent P as part of getting the citizens of Danville to help him celebrate his birthday. ("Raging Bully")

Background Information Edit

  • The name of the berry is pronounced "doonkleberry". The package spells it as two words without the "N" (Dookle Berry).
  • The woman pictured on the box is similar in appearance to Heinz Doofenshmirtz, but is not stated to be a relative of his.
  • The word "Doonkle"berry could have been derived from the German Word "Dunkel" meaning "Dark" but this is contradictory to the Berry's true color.

References Edit

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