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Escape from Mole-tropolis is a game on the Disney XD and Disney Channel sites. There are six levels for this game.


Phineas and Ferb have built a giant drill (The Terra-Drill 5000) and are trying to drill to the center of the earth's core. Along the way the point of the drill overheats and fails to operate. Meanwhile, Candace fails to tell Mom about the drill and takes a trip down the hole made by the drill herself, with a video camera so she can film the whole thing. She then gets cornered by mole-men who attempt to tie her up. Phineas and Ferb see the mole-men tie Candace up and carry her to their lair and decide to go after her. Along the way, they go on a fossil hunt and find diamonds to fire up the drill. At the end, Phineas and Ferb use the fossils to build a dinosaur skeleton.

Songs heard in gameEdit

The Game on Disney sitesEdit

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