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Flawless Girl Cosmetics
Liedjes door Unknown
Lengte: 0:31
Vorige: None
Huidige: Flawless Girl Cosmetics
Volgende: None
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Song used for a Flawless Girl Cosmetics commercial. Appears in "Attack of the 50 Foot Sister".


You know you want to be her,
She's a Flawless Girl. (Flawless Girl)
All the boys say when they meet her,
She's a Flawless Girl. (Flawless Girl)
She's at the forefront of every trend,
Never less than 5 foot 10
And if you use our products, then
You can be a Flawless Girl.
A Flawless Girl.

Announcer: Flawless Girl. Because nobody's perfect without using our cosmetics.

Background InformationEdit

The song has a big resemblace to the season one song Candace (Who's That Girl). One similarity is that the two boys in the background who sing, "She's A Flawless Girl" are the same two who blew kisses to Candace in Candace (Who's That Girl). The tune is also very similar.

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