Gadget Golf is a game in Disney Channel US and Disney XD official site. You can play with Phineas and Ferb on 9 holes of mini golf in their backyard. The par-32 course is described as follows below:

Hole #-Type-Par #

Hole 1 -Dumpers Par-2

Hole 2-Freze Rays Par-3

Hole 3-Ferris Wheel Par-4

Hole 4-Vacuum and Slapper Par-2

Hole 5-Pyramid-Par 3

Hole 6-Monster-Par 4

Hole 7-Rackets controlled by Candace Par-5

Hole 8-Flying Saucers Par-4

Hole 9-Lasers Par-5


Left is turning the putt to the left, right is turning the putt to the right, up is putting it to the right at the hole starting location, and left is putting it to the right at the hole starting location.


Hole 1- Get the angle a little to the left and place the hit on MAX and you will make a hole-in-one.

Hole 3-Try to get to the ferris wheel- it will reduce your stroke count.

Hole 4-Try to get into the vacuum sucker.

Hole 5-Hit it at minumuim to let your oppent hit your ball in the pyramid.

Hole 6-Shoot it in the sea monster and you should get an eagle.

Hole 9-Turn the character 180 degrees and it go into a molehole and it will transport into the other side of the course.

Winning and other infoEdit

If you win, you will see Phineas and Ferb on the screen with Perry. A mole will come up and a brief part of the Theme song will play while the mole gets the ball. Ferb will then place his hands as saying Huh? If you lose, you will not see Perry, but you will see Phineas and Ferb. There is a stroke limit of 5 shots a hole. If you don't get the ball in the hole by the 5th shot, your score will be 6, meaning a maximum score of 54.

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