[[File:Huge Hands Hans|200px]]
Geslacht: Male
Nationaliteit Druelselstenien
Thuisstad Gimmelschtrump
Vijand Doofenshmirtz
Verdere informatie
Profession Shadow Puppeter
Vrienden en familie
girlfriend Fraülain
Achter de schermen
Stem door none (he doesn't speak)

Hans is a person that Heinz Doofenshmirtz encountered while performing a shadow puppet show as a teenager. Heinz was beginning to be quite adept with his shadow puppets, but was upstaged by Hans and his large hands. These oversized hands earned Hans the moniker "Huge Hands Hans". Hans' shadow puppets were terrible, but despite this they were able to win the favor of a young lady, who was just starting to show an interest in Heinz.

As an adult, Heinz attempted to create the ultimate shadow puppet show by launching a large robot based on the upper torso of a human. This robot would allow him to create shadow puppets on the surface of the moon, but was not put into use because Heinz began chasing after a figure in a space suit that appeared to be Hans, but turned out to be Candace.

Appearances Edit

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