He'll Do Anything For Me
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Liedjes door Danny Jacob
Lengte: 1:03
Huidige: He'll Do Anything For Me
Volgende: {{{after}}}

He'll Do Anything For Me is a song from the episode "The Bully Code", describing Baljeet's experience at having a personal servant.

Lyrics Edit

He follows me all over town,
And every time I turn around,
He's standing there at a respectful distance,
He's arranging my underwear drawer,
By dumping it out on the floor.
When I'm brushing my teeth, I don't need his assistance,
No No No.
Well the story is old, (story is old)
It's a 70's sitcom cliché,
He says he's in my debt, but, I wish he'd forget.
He'll do anything for me,
Anything but go away.

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