He's Bigfoot
[[File:Clyde Flynn singing a song|200px]]
Liedjes door Clyde Flynn
Uitgebracht: 1996
Lengte: 0:38
Vorige: None
Huidige: He's Bigfoot
Volgende: None

"He's Bigfoot" is the song from the episode "Get That Bigfoot Outa My Face!" It was sung by Phineas's grandfather, Clyde Flynn.


He's Bigfoot, He's Bigfoot!
He'll eat you with his taters and his greens
He's Bigfoot, He's Bigfoot
Cause to Bigfoot you're a fleshy tangerine
Boy: (Oh, no!)
He goes barefoot, So he's always free to stomp ya
He carries a big stick so he can whomp ya
Sharpens up those teeth so he can chomp ya
So I think you better flee 'cause I'm telling you that he's
Bigfoot, he's Bigfoot
He bathes in the water that you drink
Holly: Yuck!
He's Bigfoot, He's Bigfoot
So watch out, Cause he's closer than you think

He's Bigfoot, He's Bigfoot

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