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In the Mall
[[File:Phineas cowboy|200px]]
Liedjes door Phineas and Isabella
Uitgevoerd: The Magnificent Few, Googolplex Mall
Genre(s): Country, Western
Lengte: 0:50
Vorige: none
Huidige: In the Mall
Volgende: none

"In the Mall" is the song from the episode "The Magnificent Few." It was sung by Phineas, showing all his activities in the mall.


Phineas: In the Mall
Up and down the escalaters
In the mall
I got a-hankerin' for potaters
In the mall
Isabella: In the Mall
Phineas: 'Cause pretty soon now it'll
be 'bout time to stop for vittles.
In the mall

Background InformationEdit

  • This song is sung to the same tune as On the Trail from the same episode.


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