Izzy's Got The Frizzies
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Genre(s): 70's funk
Lengte: 0:36
Vorige: None
Huidige: Izzy's Got The Frizzies
Volgende: None
Izzy's Got The Frizzies is a song from Robot Rodeo, singing about Isabella's frizzy hair.


Female Singer: Woah Whoa Yeah!

She's gonna be a big sensation, Izzy's got the Frizzies!
Izzy's, Izzy's got the frizzies.
Cause she's sportin' major kinkification, Izzy's got the Frizzies!
Izzy's, Izzy's got the frizzies.
And now she's gonna tell you how
Izzy's got the frizzies.
Isabella: It's because of the humidity!

Background InformationEdit

  • This is the first song where Isabella is alone in the song.
  • The way Isabella's hair frizzes resembles the style of afro popular in the 1970's among African-Americans. Her dance moves are reflective of that.


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