Khaka Peü Peü
Khaka Peü Peü (right) with the Dangiraffe (Candace Flynn).
Geslacht: Male
Leeftijd Unknown
Verdere informatie
Profession Supervillain
Achter de schermen
Eerste verschijning "The Beak"
Stem door Ben Stiller

Khaka Peü Peü, or K.P. for short, is a supervillain who appears in the episode "The Beak". He is voiced by Ben Stiller. His nagging wife is played by Christina Taylor.

K.P. is a supervillain who has never had a good day in his life and plans to destroy The Beak, a mysterious superhero who is giving Danville the best day ever (and is in reality Phineas and Ferb in a robotic suit). He has a strange quirk of ending most of his sentences with "thank you very much." K.P. also has a wife who frequently complains about his evil schemes. In the end of the episode, after the beak reveals it's true identity, his wife shows up and finally ends up taking him away to "take her shopping."

K.P. is unaware as to why people laugh at his full name, which according to him translates from its native tongue as "the strong fist" or "that strong fist."

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