Dit artikel gaat over the TV program. Waarschijnlijk zoek je naar the song.

Let's All Dance Until We're Sick is a national dance competition TV program that filmed an episode in Studio C of Danville station WJOP. It is hosted by Nikki Stars. One of the guest judges was local radio and TV personality Stanky Dog.

Dancers may compete by themselves or with a partner. Competitors are eliminated when the judges signal for their spotlight to be turned off.

The members of L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. attempted to co-opt the broadcast for their own purposes, entering the dance contest so that they could announce the existence of their group. Each member was quickly voted out, but each tried to get back into a new spotlight, with no success. Agent P helped with the elimination process from scaffolding and overhead walkways.

The winners was Jeremy Johnson and Candace Flynn included in the chance to become permanent members of the show, but Jeremy revealed that he had mechanical help with his dancing. Jeremy then gave the credit to Ferb Fletcher for doing the real dancing. ("Nerdy Dancin'")

This show has a Theme Song

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