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Lewis (center), upon learning his girlfriend has accepted his proposal and that he has just received a promotion.
Geslacht: male
Leeftijd unknown
Thuisstad Danville
Achter de schermen
Eerste verschijning "Tip of the Day"
Stem door Unknown

"My hair's grown back!"

Lewis is a citizen of Danville

Personal life Edit

Lewis was walking around in the Googolplex Mall when he learned that an aglet is the word for the end of a shoelace. His repetition of this knowledge led, in rapid succession, to his girlfriend agreeing to marry him, his boss offering him a raise, his hair growing back, and, ultimately, a blind man's hearing being restored.

Lewis cheering

Cheering on The Beak

He is one of the many citizens of Danville who cheered The Beak on to his victory over Khaka Peü Peü.

Physical appearance Edit

Prior to his hair being restored, he was bald. When the Beak appeared to ensure that everyone in Danville could have the best day ever, he was bald again.


Family Edit

Appearances Edit

Background informationEdit

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