The following is a list of people who work for the corporation, Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated.

Heinz DoofenshmirtzEdit

Doofenshmirtz's education in evil began with being taught in Evil 101 by Dr. Gevaarlijk. After she flunked him out of school, he managed to get mentored by Kevin Destructicon. Others include a fellow evil scientist, Lloyd Wexler.

After this, he became the head of his own corporation, Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated. He owns and manages it. He managed to purchase a string of disused buildings, such as an abandoned self storage and a vacuum cleaner factory. Whilst working at the main building, he also lives there in his apartment.

Vanessa DoofenshmirtzEdit

Doofenshmirtz's gothic young daughter, Vanessa, is a member of staff. She helps him as an assistant. She is not happy with her job. She runs errands, such as collecting blueprints for evil inventions or brainwashing pigeons.

Norm the Robot ManEdit

Norm is a giant mild mannered robot, who was built to destroy platypuses. He is later used to help with the construction of Doofania and was once used by the Organization Without A Cool Acronym (O.W.C.A.) to retrieve a disc containing evidence that could expose the agency.


The Pigeons were brainwashed into raining their poo on Roger Doofenshmirtz at his award ceremony. However, Perry escaped and used it to make them poo on Doofenshmirtz instead.


Nancy was Doofenshmirtz's maid. She was fired after she left the back door unlocked allowing Perry to evade being crushed by a piano. ("S'Winter")

Sinister Piano PlayerEdit

A sinister piano player who struck sinister chords as his piano was about to fall on Perry when he entered. ("S'Winter")

Evil Jingle SingersEdit

The Evil Jingle singers are comprised of four guys. They are best known for their "Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated!" jingle, but it changes from time to time.("Attack of the 50 Foot Sister")

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