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Love Händel
[[File:Love Händel album cover|200px]]
Love Händel's debut album
Album by Love Händel
Opgenomen: 1990's
Love Händel chronology
Vorige: The Demo Album
Huidige: Love Händel (album)
Volgende: TBA
Unknown order
  1. Snuck Your Way Into My Heart
Love Händel is the self-titled debut album by Love Händel.

Background Information Edit

  • Only one song on the album (Snuck Your Way Into My Heart) is known at this time. Music Makes Us Better is unconfirmed, but likely to be an official song by Love Händel.
  • All other songs heard during "Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together" were sung separately by individual members of the band after the breakup and cannot be considered as being released by Love Händel.

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