Miniature Golf
Little Duffers
Little Duffer's miniature golf course in Danville
Locatie Little Duffer's and thousands of other courses around the world
Beschrijving "They think it's just golf in miniature. But, it's not! It's Miniature Golf."

Miniature golf is a game based on traditional golf that consists entirely of putting. Rather than being simply putting greens, miniature golf courses in America are known for their crazy obstacles such as windmills, castles, clowns, and other moving objects to make it as much a game of chance as it is a game of skill. It is these obstacles that make miniature golf more than simply golf in miniature.

Object of the the GameEdit

In miniature golf, the player only uses a club called a putter which is specially designed for hitting the ball from close distances. Using the putter, players take turns hitting a golf ball into a hole, also known as a cup, in as few strokes as possible. If a ball lands in the cup in one with only one try, it is known as a "hole in one." In addition to the skill of putting, players must take into account the movement of the various obstacles in between the starting point and the cup.

Miniature Golf in DanvilleEdit

Danville has only one golf course, Little Duffer's, which is owned by a Scots-Irishman. It has been operated for at least 10 years or more and had fallen into disrepair. The owner had put the course up for sale until Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher built a course in their backyard and it was transported to the site of Little Duffer's and replaced it.

While the old course included a run-down windmill hole and some other fairly standard holes, the new course has some very unique holes not available anywhere else in the world. These include a dinosaur, a waterfall, a disco hole and several other holes featuring other sports, such as football, baseball and hockey (on air). ("Put That Putter Away")

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