Mrs. Johnson
Geslacht: Female
Nationaliteit American
Thuisstad Danville
Verdere informatie
Profession Free-Form Jazz Band Drummer
Achter de schermen
Eerste verschijning "Raging Bully"
Stem door Jane Lynch (upcoming episode) [1]

Mrs. Johnson is the mother of Jeremy Johnson and Suzy Johnson. She is the sister-in-law of Joe Johnson and probably the daughter-in-law of Hildegard. She is in the Free-Form Jazz Band alongside Mrs. Flynn and Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro. She has appeared several times (mostly in background shots) though has currently never spoken.

Background Information Edit

  • Jane Lynch from "Glee" recorded dialogue for Jeremy's mother on January 13th, 2010, to be used in a future episode. [1]

Appearances Edit

References Edit

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