So, Ferb, what should we do tommorow Nou Ferb, wat zullen we morgen doen?

Dit artikel heeft betrekking op een onderwerp dat nog moet worden vrijgegeven. De informatie zal in de toekomst veranderen.

Nothing But Trouble
Nothing but Trouble cover
Front cover.
Schrijver John Green
Uitgave datum June 15, 2010
Pagina's 32
ISBN 1423124405
Nothing But Trouble is the first in a series of junior graphic novels based on Phineas and Ferb, scheduled for release on June 15, 2010.[1] It will be an adaptation of the episodes "Day of the Living Gelatin" and "Elementary, My Dear Stacy".

Publisher's SummaryEdit

Title DescriptionEdit

In this exciting junior graphic novel, the boys create a swimming pool full of gelatin and have loads of fun.until it's accidentally hit with Dr. Doofenshmirtz's latest device, a ray designed to turn everything evil! Phineas and Ferb must find a way to stop the giant gelatin monster and save Candace. Then, the kids head off to England to visit their grandparents, where Candace uses the detective methods of Sherlock Holmes to bust the boys. Elsewhere, Agent P is forced to partner with Agent Double 00, a snooty spy who has little respect for our hero.


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