Phineas and Ferb
Soundtrack's cover artwork
Album by various
Uitgebracht: September 22, 2009
Opgenomen: 2008-2009
Genre(s): Various
Label: Walt Disney Records
EMI Music (UK and Germany)
Lengte: 37:37[1]
Phineas and Ferb CD chronology
Vorige: Disney Channel
Playlist CD
Huidige: Phineas and Ferb (Soundtrack)
Volgende: Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation Soundtrack
From Walt Disney Records website:
  1. Today Is Gonna Be a Great Day - Bowling For Soup
  2. Gitchee Gitchee Goo [Extended Version] - Phineas and the Ferbtones
  3. Backyard Beach - Ferb Fletcher
  4. Busted - Vanessa and Candace
  5. Perry the Platypus Theme - Randy Crenshaw
  6. S.I.M.P. (Squirrels In My Pants) - 2 GuyZ N the Parque
  7. I'm Lindana and I Wanna Have Fun! - Lindana
  8. My Nemesis - Danny Jacob
  9. My Goody Two-Shoes Brother - Dr. Doofenshmirtz
  10. Disco Miniature Golfing Queen - Laura Dickinson
  11. My Undead Mummy - Danny Jacob
  12. I Love You Mom - Candace
  13. Ready for the Bettys - The Bettys
  14. When We Didn't Get Along - Danny Jacob
  15. He's a Bully - Robbie Wyckoff
  16. Truck Drivin' Girl - Danny Jacob
  17. Do Nothing Day - Jeremy and Candace
  18. E.V.I.L. B.O.Y.S. - Candace
  19. Fabulous - Bobby Fabulous and Phineas
  20. Little Brothers - Stacy Hirano
  21. Let's Take a Rocket Ship to Space - "Danny and the Jaytones" (Danny Jacob)
  22. Queen of Mars - Candace
  23. Chains On Me - Smile Away Reformatory School featuring Dan Povenmire
  24. Phinedroids and Ferbots - Phinedroids and Ferbots
  25. Ain't Got Rhythm - Sherman and Phineas
  26. You Snuck Your Way Right Into My Heart - Love Händel
  27. F-Games - Robbie Wyckoff (Bonus Track on UnlockMoreRock Website)

The Phineas and Ferb Soundtrack is a soundtrack to Phineas and Ferb, containing 26 songs from Season 1.

About the CDEdit

Release dates Edit

The original report from[2] cited that the initial February 10, 2009 release date had been pushed back to August 4th. An advertisment card included in the Disney Channel Playlist showed that it would have a July 7 release date (see picture below). The Playlist was published in June 2009.

On June 26th, the release date was pushed back to September 22, 2009[3]. This has been confirmed on the Walt Disney Records website.

Import versions of the soundtrack are listed on the and EMI Music UK. Both originally would be available on September 14, 2009, but were changed to September 29 and September 28, respectively.

Artists Edit

The artists credited with each song vary between in-universe characters and real-world singers. If a character is seen singing the song in an episode, they receive the credit as the singer. For example, Ferb is credited for Backyard Beach.

For other songs like Truck Drivin' Girl , Phineas and Ferb participated in the song, but were not the lead singers. Danny Jacob is credited as the singer.

Artwork Edit

The advertisement included in the Disney Channel Playlist showed that the Phineas and Ferb TV Series Soundtrack would be released on July 7, 2009 and would have 28 songs.

Digital releases Edit

The album is available at iTunes Store, and as of October 19, 2009 it's also available at the online music service Spotify.

Bonus Material Edit

The soundtrack contains an UnlockMoreRock feature which is a 27th track. By inserting the Phineas and Ferb soundtrack CD in your computer, you can listen to F Games, but it will not provide a download for it.

Gallery Edit

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References Edit

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