"Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!" was broadcast on several channels during the month of December 2009: Disney Channel, Disney XD, ABC Family and some local ABC affiliates. This marked the first time Phineas and Ferb episodes were seen on ABC Family. While it is customary to edit a movie for the time alloted for a later broadcast on TV, this appears to be the first time that the editing was taken into account while the episode was still being produced, as many of the edits occur in the middle of a scene.

The full version was broadcast on Disney Channel and Disney XD. Diffences in what was broadcast on other channels are noted here.

Disney Channel/Disney XD and ABC Family
Disney Channel/Disney XD ABC Family
Duration: 45 minutes Duration: 60 mintues
  Added "S'Winter" episode at the end to fill out the hour.
Ending sequence where the family comes home showed the credits. Ending sequence did not have the credits overlayed on the scene. Credits displayed separately at the end of the hour.

45-minute full version and 30-minute edited version
Full version

Edited version

The Song "I Don't hate Christmas" is sung The Song "I Don't hate Christmas" is shortened.
The cast sings Where Did We Go Wrong. Song deleted.
Baljeet sees Wendy Stinglehopper when he delivers her present. Portions of the scene involving delivering the big hat and the mistletoe were deleted.

The part in which Phineas tells how to deliver the presents are deleted.

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