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Avatars are small pictures that are used to represent you on this wiki. You can choose whatever picture you want, as long as it does not conflict with the policies of this wiki. If you would like to use an avatar from the show, a selection of pictures are available on this page. When viewing the avatars for a character, the page may take a long time to load if it has dozens or hundreds of pictures in it.

To request a new avatar, leave a message on the Discussion page.

Uploading new avatars Edit

Avatars are displayed as a 50x50 picture, so for best results they should be an even multiple of that size (100x100, 150x150, etc.). Avatars larger than 300x300 will lose a lot of details when they are displayed at the 50x50 size, so they should be of faces or other images with less detail to begin with.

Each picture should be saved in the png format to retain maximum clarity. (jpg is acceptable for larger screenshots, but loses more detail than png when the image is reduced in size for display.)

When uploading the picture, add the following categories so that it will be added automatically to the correct places:

[[Category:Character avatars]]

Replace Character with the actual character's name. Examples: "Phineas Flynn avatars", "Katie avatars".

Other categories to add include:

[[Category:Character images]]
[[Category:Images from Episode]]

Note: some avatar categories are different than the name shown below. For example, "Miscellaneous kids" uses the "Kid avatars" category.

Selecting your avatar Edit

  1. Click on the picture you want for your avatar to view it at full size.
  2. Highlight the file name and copy it, without the File: in front of it. You will use this for a later step. For example, if you chose File:LawrenceBigGrin.png for your avatar, you would just highlight and copy LawrenceBigGrin.png.
  3. Save the picture to your computer. On many web browsers, you can use the Right Mouse Button to click on the picture, then select "Save picture"
  4. Go to your home page.
  5. Move the mouse over the current avatar. If you have not selected an avatar yet, it will show a generic picture.
  6. Select "Change".
  7. In the "Avatar" section, click on Choose.
  8. Select the picture from your computer that you just saved.
  9. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Save.

After you have completed these steps, please visit the avatar selection page and note which one you chose. This will help show what kinds of avatars people are interested in so that more can be added in the future.

Avatar groups Edit

Kids Edit

Phineas - S'Winter avatar 4.png
Ferb - S'Winter avatar 1.png
Isabella - S'Winter avatar 5.png
Baljeet - Whatcha doin'? avatar.png
Buford nervous avatar.png
Adyson - S'Winter avatar 1.png
Ginger Avatar.png
Gretchen TempleOfSap Avatar.png
Holly ItsAboutTime Avatar.png
Milly Avatar.png
Django - Jerk De Soleil avatar.png
Irving Avatar.png
Suzy Avatar.png

Teens Edit

Candace calling Jeremy avatar.png
Carl - It's About Time! avatar.png
JennyInTears Avatar.png
Jeremy TipOfTheDay Avatar.png
Stacy excited avatar.png
Vanessa singing avatar.png

Adults Edit

Clyde pirate avatar.png
Grandpa Clyde
Doofania avatar.png
Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz
Linda - S'Winter avatar 1.png
Roger Doofenshmirtz avatar.png

Agents Edit

Agent P - S'Winter avatar 2.png
Perry/Agent P
Agent Pinky avatar.png
Agent Pinky
Major Monogram - S'Winter avatar 1.png
Major Monogram
Planty avatar.jpg
Other agents

Miscellaneous Edit

Blue shirt boy - S'Winter avatar 1.png
Miscellaneous kids
Derek - S'Winter avatar 1.png
Miscellaneous teens
Conk avatar.png
Miscellaneous adults
Meap avatar.png
Lake Nose Duck avatar 2.png
Snowman - S'Winter avatar 1.png
Robot dog - Title Sequence avatar 1.png
Boys' hair switched - avatar.png
Groups of characters
Candace and Jeremy dancing - avatar.png

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