Project Fireside
Founder(s) SomeoneD
Founded 13 October, 2009
Focused on Fireside Girls

PF-Project Fireside is a collective Project whose goal is to compile all known information about the Fireside Girls.

People InvolvedEdit

To join, simply sign your name in the space below.

SomeoneD: Project Founder and Leader (Everything)
JeremyCreek: Character Pages (Adyson, Gretchen, Milly)
Psychopulse: Episode Appearances, Badges, Screenshots
SuperFlash101: General
Sonicxdrulz012: General
RayaQuest: General
AgentGoldfish: Keep fan-based shipping off the official pages
Hunter 710: General
Bob: General

TheMindTool: General, but mainly Character Pages.


Current GoalsEdit

Fireside GirlsEdit

  • Fix and update tables (Participation in the big ideas; Patches per episode)
  • Possibly (may split this into seperate article) add patch list with possible descriptions.
  • When new episodes air, take all new information from the episode related to the Fireside Girls.

Character PagesEdit

  • Add all infomation known about each member into the character page.
  • If there are deviations to their standard outfits, list them.
  • Rewrite Isabella Garcia-Shapiro (ridiculously high priority) (Seriously, this needs to be done!)


  • Compile a list of all known Fireside Girls Handbook rules (and phrases/advice from the book?)


  • (If Possible) Make all Fireside-Related pages OK-class or above.
  • Update Fireside Emblem to SVG Format (In progress by SomeoneD


  • FA Star.pngFA - Featured Article class
  • ThumbsUp.pngOK - Okay class
  • 25pxStub - Stub class

Any member may rate the article with this on the talk page of that article. If you wish to discuss the rating, please ask on this article's talk page.

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