Pinky the Chihuahua
Geslacht: Male
Nationaliteit Hispanic
Thuisstad Danville
Vijand Professor Poofenplotz
Verdere informatie
Profession Secret Agent
Affiliations Garcia-Shapiros
The O.W.C.A.
Vrienden en familie
Owner Isabella Garcia-Shapiro
Achter de schermen
Eerste verschijning "Journey to the Center of Candace"
Pinky is Isabella Garcia-Shapiro's pet chihuahua. He likes to eat everything other than dog food, but his favorite food is grilled cheese sandwiches. He once swallowed Isabella's Fireside Girl Sash.Though by outward appearance he is a mindless animal, it has been revealed that he, like Perry the Platypus, is a secret agent (specifically in Wanda's Division), and is also known as Agent P. ("Journey to the Center of Candace", "Day Of The Living Gelatin", "Isabella and the Temple of Sap")
Agent Pinky

Agent Pinky

Background InformationEdit

  • Whenever Pinky is shown on screen, a mariachi band plays mainly a cuica.
  • He loves steak and grilled cheese, just like Candace Flynn.
  • His nemesis is Professor Poofenplotz ("Day of the Living Gelatin", "Isabella and the Temple of Sap").
  • He has an uncontrollable twitch, evidenced in Isabella and the Temple of Sap.
  • His appearance changes slightly from his first appearance to his latest appearance ("Isabella and the Temple of Sap"), in the fact that his small teeth are gone and he does not look as scruffy. This could possibly be his disguise from a "mindless pet" to "agent mode", as is the case with Perry the Platypus, where his eyes stare in opposite directions.
  • He is the only agent (that is named) to have a name that is not an alliteration. Such as (Perry the Platypus). Whether this is not always true or just not true in Wanda's Division is not known.
  • It is unknown if Pinky has a codename, like Agent P for Perry. He doesn't seem to go on missions that often.
  • He has many athletic abilities, such as flipping and running very fast.
  • In normal pet, his collar is pink (likely as in "The Fast And The Ferbulous:Danville Dirft, as in the portrait in place of Isabella's), but as a secret agent, his collar is sky blue with a yellow dog tag.In "Hide and Seek", Pinky's pink collar has a silver dog tag, but the whole collar turned out to be a little light.
  • His secret agent boss is named Wanda.


Agent hat icon

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