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Quirky Worky Song
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A series of scats entitled Quirky Worky Song appear regularly when Phineas and Ferb build something. Each song is the same scats, but Mini Golf has some differences, including singers, length, and minor lyrics. The basic set up can be seen below.

Main VoiceEdit

(Man) Suitty-up, Dutty-up, Dittly-Dittly-Da,


Ditty, Ditty-Da, da-da, da-da-da

(Repeat verse over and over, approx. 6 times)

Another interpretation:

soo-dee-UP doo-dee-UP dee-bee dee-bee dee-DAH


doo-bee dee-bee dee-DAH

duh-duh DAH DAH DAH

Bass voiceEdit

(Man) Bom-bicka, Bom-bicka, Bom-bicka-bicka-bicka
Bom-bicka, Bom-bicka, Bom-bicka-bicka-bicka (repeat until song finishes.)

Background InformationEdit

  • Dan Povenmire or Jeff "Swampy" Marsh (a person from Disney at least) confirmed that the song was called such.
  • For the song in Put That Putter Away, the verse was extended, and one section of it sounded like it was repeated again by a different singer, which sounds a bit like Mitchel Musso, but was the song in a slightly higher pitch. However, it has been confirmed by Swampy that Mitchel Musso did not sing the song.
  • The bass voice can be heard if the song is listened to carefully, and can be best heard in the Quirky Worky Song shown in Toy to the World, where it is sung solo for a bit. The bass begins singing after one verse of the main voice.
  • The song is heard while Phineas and Ferb are building the translator to hear what Perry is saying, although it is shorter and doesn't have a singer. (Interview With a Platypus)
  • This song is sung in Swiss Family Phineas and makes a lower more tropical remix sound to it while they build the shelter. Also in She's the Mayor, it makes the same lower more remix sound but in a pioneer theme to it while they starting build the village.

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