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Ring of Fun
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Liedjes door Clyde Flynn and Phineas
Lengte: 0:44
Vorige: None
Huidige: Ring of Fun
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Ring of Fun is a song that was sung during the Summer Roller Re-Match between Betty Jo Flynn and Hildegard Johnson. ("Crack That Whip")


When granny gets loose, everybody get out of the way
(Round and round that Ring of Fun!)
Cause she's lacin' her boots up at 4 a.m. every day
(Round and round that Ring of Fun!)
Grudge match grannies who got nothin' to lose (nothin' to lose)
Gray-haired lightning wearing knee pads and boots
Cruisin' for a bruisin'
Cause you know they got a real short fuse!
(That Ring of...)
Round and round that Ring of Fun!
(Round and round that Ring of Fun!)
Grudge match grannies in the midday sun
Going round and round in that Ring of Fun!

Songwriters Edit

BMI #9919929

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