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"Only imported rocket fuel"
Geslacht: Male
Nationaliteit Italian-nationality like Alien (by his accent)
Thuisstad Shooting Star Milkshake Bar
Achter de schermen
Eerste verschijning "Out to Launch"
Stem door One of these three Keith Ferguson, Brian George, and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh

"Only imported rocket fuel."

Ronaldo is a funny, blue alien who drinks rocket fuel and helps Phineas and Ferb with fuel for their rocket.

Personal life Edit

Drinks rocket fuel, and has a presumably Italian accent.

Physical appearance Edit

Blue, beige trousers, three eyes, brown belt, and mustache.

Personality and traits Edit

  • Speaks with a Italian accent.
  • Is presumably stubborn. (He only drinks imported rocket fuel.)

Skills and abilities Edit

Catch phrases Edit

  • Gratzez.

Gallery Edit

Memorable quotes Edit

Phineas: "You don't know where we could find some rocket fuel, do you?"

Bartender: "Rocket Fuel? It's all Ronaldo drinks."

Ronaldo: "Only imported rocket fuel."

Appearances Edit

Sources Edit

  • You Tube video-Phineas & Ferb - Out to Launch (HD) (Original English Audio) 2/3

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