Thank You Santa
Liedjes door Mitchel Musso
Lengte: 1:28
2:06 (Album)
Huidige: Thank You Santa
Volgende: None

This song is sung during the credits in the episode "Phineas and Ferb's Christmas Vacation" by Mitchel Musso.

Lyrics Edit

Christmas morning,
So Much Fun!
Down the stairs the children run.

Someone has eaten the cookies,
And look what's left under the tree.
There's presents for you and for me.
As far as the eye can see

What's on the rooftop? I wondered what that was
Its reindeer flying
Around the world
Because Santa's Coming
I think we all should pause to say that we're grateful
For everything he does!
Thank you Santa Claus
Thank you Santa Claus
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoaaa

A song for all the things you do,
Santa Claus we're thankin' you
A song for all the things you do,
Santa Claus we're thankin' you
A song for all the things you do,(Joy to the world!)
Santa Claus we're thankin' you (Reindeer flyin')
A song for all the things you do,(Joy to the world)
Santa Claus we're thankin' you(Reindeer flyin')
(Thank you Santa Claus)

Background Information Edit

  • Agent P receiving a vase as his Christmas present was already foretold by Major Monogram in the episode "Gaming the System".
  • The carolers that were disturbing Doofenshmirtz were also singing during this song.
  • This song was the ending song for the Christmas special, showing Phineas and his friends' appreciation to Santa for what he does.
  • During the line "I wonder what that was", you see the cast imitating the Peanuts Gang from "A Charlie Brown Christmas"
  • Candace gets two more of her usual red sleeveless shirt, white skirt outfits.
  • Irving gets Phineas and Ferb's usual outfits and hugs them the way Candace did when she unwrapped her present (see above)
  • Meap gets a portrait of Phineas, Ferb, and Candace wearing Santa Hats. Meap smiled when he got this.
  • The picture frame that Carl gets from Major Monogram says "To whom it may concern, Merry Xmas! - Major Monogram"
  • Agent P gives Doofenshmirtz a box of almond brittle as he stated earlier in the episode that he loved.
  • Linda Flynn gets a T-shirt from her time as a one-hit wonder (as seen in "Flop Starz"). It was apparently from the "Fun tour".
  • Perry recieves a new food bowl from Phineas.
  • This song plays in the background of some scenes.
  • Although being Jewish, Isabella recieved a "Santa's Helper" badge though she does not celebrate Christmas.
  • Ferb's present (two ballons) look like a peanut. This may be a joke.
  • Jeremy is playing his new silver guitar while Ferb is playing his new harmonica.
  • Buford and Baljeet give each other presents, and although Buford breaks Baljeet's present, this may mean they actually care for each other.

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