The Beak Theme Song
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Genre(s): 60's Superhero Theme
Vorige: None
Huidige: The Beak Theme Song
Volgende: TBA
Theme song for the superhero of the same name, as heard in "The Beak."


The Beak, The Beak
Flies as fast as a supersonic jet
The Beak (The Beak), The Beak (The Beak)
You can't fly, be honest, you can't
The Beak (The Beak), The Beak (The Beak)
He's strong enough to move a mountain, you're pretty weak
(Seriously, what d'you bench?)
You really are pretty lame compared to The Beak (The Beak)
The Beak, (The Beak) The Beak!

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