The Bettys
Leden informatie
Tink and Missy
Organisatie informatie
Soort organisatie:
"Chick rock" band
Achter de schermen
Eerste verschijning:
Ready for the Bettys

The Bettys is a popular chick rock band that Stacy Hirano and Candace Flynn are fans of. ("Ready for the Bettys")

The band seems to be a parody of the pop rock band based in Australia called The Veronicas (both of which are parodies of Archies comics characters, Betty and Veronica).


Crash (Lucy Davis) : Lead Singer & Guitar
Tink: Bass Guitar
Missy: Drums
Sir Bacon: Betty's Mascot
Dennis: Betty's Driver


Contests Edit

The Bettys participated in a radio contest where fans in the Danville area would get to spend a day with the band and ride on the tour bus to the concert. Candace and Stacy were the winners. The initial "rewards" for winning the contest were to perform chores for the band, such as shredding fan mail and cleaning the bus exterior while in motion. Candace and Stacy sang with the band at the concert that day, a more appropriate reward.


"Tink" is also a nickname for Tinkerbell, from Peter Pan, another story Disney adapted into an animated movie.

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