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Business Man and Nagging Wife
Geslacht: Male and Female
Nationaliteit Unknown
Thuisstad Danville
Vijand Possibly themselves
Verdere informatie
Profession Business Man/Nagging Wife
Affiliations Bunny farm and Van Store
Vrienden en familie
Ouders Unknown
Achter de schermen
Eerste verschijning Leave the Busting to Us!


After the Business Man makes some sort of error, the Nagging Wife says; "What did you think? ... were/was just going to fall out of the sky?" prompting whatever it was that she mentioned to fall on or next to her.

Episode Appearances: 1) Put That Putter Away

The miniature golf course's windmill slows down and the course starts to descend where below it a woman is yelling at the owner of Little Duffer's about how he didn't put aside a portion of his profits over the years with the intent to upgrade his course with it. She then states, "What did you think? A shiny new miniature golf course would just fall out of the sky?" Then Phineas and Ferb's course fell out of the sky exactly on top of Little Duffer's. To which the owner responds, "You'd be surprised what falls out of the sky in Danville."

2) Suddenly Suzy

"Shop Owner's Wife: I can't believe it. You walk away from a profitable miniature golf course franchise to open up a spring water bottling plant in the middle of downtown. What, did you expect a mountain spring to just fall out of the sky? (Phineas and Ferb's replica of Niagra Falls falls behind the shop.)

Shop Owner: You've never believed in me."

3- Leave the Busting to Us!

a) On the ground, farmer's wife nags her husband that he spend all their live saving to make a bunny farm without buying any bunny that bunnies are gonna fall from the sky, until suddenly a whole baskets of falls in top of her. The husband claims that she owes him an apologize that she agrees.

b) Doofenshmirtz is still inside the Bust 'Em! van in the tornado, then decides to turn into a skid but falls over the farmer's wife while she's scolding him for selling their bunny farm, buying a van rental place and didn't buy a single van. Then Doofenshmirtz in the van is about to fall on the wife. After the wife says "Not one word," the screen goes black and you hear a crash.

4) Hip Hip Parade

Nagging Wife: I can't believe you started a monkey basketball team, and only bought one monkey. (Doofenshmirtz hits the monkey with the duplic-8-inator)

Nagging Wife: Great, now three of them are going to have to sit on the bench.

They had a cameo in the "Thank You Santa Claus" song, in which the wife holds out a present to the business man, and a giant present falls on top of her.


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