Unknown (The Charitable Charities Man)
[[File:Elderly Worker|200px]]
Geslacht: Male
Leeftijd Probably in his 50s or 60s
Thuisstad Danville
Vrienden en familie
Ouders Unknown
Occupation Works For Har D Har Toy Company and Charitable Charities
Achter de schermen
Eerste verschijning "Toy to the World"
Stem door Unknown


The Charitable Charities Man is a elderly man who works for the Har D Har Toy Company and the Charitable Charities. In Finding Mary McGuffin he asks Phineas And Ferb "Are'nt you a little young to know about all these old detective movies?"

Worker Listing toys could be Charitable Charities man

Him In Toy to the World and Finding Mary McGuffin

Smaller and smaller venues

He Is The Man Next To Swampy / Sherman


Backround informationEdit

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