The Guru is a hippie who seems to live (or at least spend time) on a mountain. He loves maracanut trees because he cried when he said that the trees were cut down to make Stiff Beauty Hair Spray. He owns a van that the "Key of Wisdom" goes to. He gives this key to Isabella and the Fireside Girls to help them reach the last maracanut tree. He is only shown for a small amount of time.

Appearance Edit

The Guru wears a white, floor-length robe and goes barefoot. He has a large hat and sunglasses. He also has long, black hair with a moustache and beard.

Abilities Edit

The Guru can play an instrument that looks like an Aussie Digeridoo. He also can disappear in a cloud of smoke and appear several feet away afterwards. Most likely this is a magic trick. It is unknown how far away he can appear.

Gallery Edit

Appearances Edit

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