The Reporter
Geslacht: Female
Leeftijd Unknown
Nationaliteit American
Thuisstad Danville
Verdere informatie
Profession Reporter, Writer
Vrienden en familie
Reporter Danville News
Author "You and Your High Strong Teen Vol. 1 & 2"
Achter de schermen
Eerste verschijning "Toy to the World"
Stem door April Winchell

"Breaking News! A kitten in peril! Up a tree! Oh no! Wow! A good Samaritan saved her!"
-The Reporter tells about Doofenshmirtz saving a kitten[src]

The Reporter is a character has appears to series and reported some breaking news in Danville.

Physical appearance Edit

She has blue headband and earrings, and light blue shirt with a ribbon and long sleeves, and dark blue pants with a black belt with a gray buckle.

Memorable quotes Edit

  • "I'm here live with Phineas and Ferb, creator of the international toy phenomenon Perry the Platypus Inaction Figure."
  • "Breaking News! A kitten in peril! Up a tree! Oh no! Wow! A good Samaritan saved her."
  • "Oh, I think you need the rest of the set and why don't take a whack of that first book again."

Background information Edit

  • In "Backyard Aquarium", she stated that she has a daughter and is author of a book called You and Your High Strong Teen.

Appearances Edit

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