Unnamed raccoon
[[File:Agent R fighting|200px]]
Verdere informatie
Profession Agent
Affiliations The O.W.C.A.
Achter de schermen
Eerste verschijning It's About Time!

Unnamed raccoon is a raccoon. Her first name is unknown, and not much is shown of her, though she takes part in a major fight ("It's About Time!"). She is also a secret agent for the O.W.C.A. It is possible that she had a nemesis ("It's About Time!").


Background InformationEdit

Travel tube intersection Agent R fighting
Raccoon #1 and Agent P from "Candace Loses Her Head"
Raccoon #2 from "It's About Time!"

  • There may be more than one raccoon agent. The raccoon agent that appears in "Candace Loses Her Head" has different fur coloring around the muzzle, chest and front paws than the agent that appears in "It's About Time!".
  • She was the first agent to be shown after Agent P since "Candace Loses Her Head" is the second episode of the show.

Agent hat icon

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