Wanda, addressing Agent P

Wanda Acronym is presumably one of the leaders of The O.W.C.A.. She is the head of the Division Pinky is in, acting as Pinky's commanding officer in the same fashion as Major Monogram to Perry.

She mentions that Pinky's nemesis, Professor Poofenplotz, has stolen handbags in the Tri-State Area ("Day of the Living Gelatin"). She later sends Agent Pinky to stop Poofenplotz when she inquires about hairspray ("Isabella and the Temple of Sap").


Behind the Scenes Edit

The credits to "Isabella and the Temple of Sap" refer to this character as Admiral Acronym, with her voice being provided by Jane Leeves.

Memorable Quotes Edit

"Professor Poofenplotz has made a barage of inquiries, about hairspray of all things. It's all very suspicious, so suss it out and put the kibosh on it!"

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