Where Did We Go Wrong
Liedjes door Phineas, Isabella & Baljeet in the soundtrack.
Genre(s): Sadness song (partly Blues)
Lengte: 1:00
1:24 (Album)
Vorige: none
Huidige: Where Did We Go Wrong
Volgende: none

Where Did We Go Wrong is a song sung by Phineas, Isabella and Baljeet.  The song was written for "Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!", with Ferb playing on guitar. It was played when Phineas, Isabella, Baljeet, Jeremy and Candace were depressed and gave up on trying to find out the cause of the sudden naughtiness.


Phineas: How could we be naughty when I thought we'd been so nice?

Isabella: Could we have been blinded to some little hidden vice?

Baljeet: Did our visions of sugarplums not dance like they should?

Phineas: I'm rackin' my brain here, I really thought we were good.

Phineas, Baljeet and Isabella: I know you got that list, and I know you check it twice.
But could you check it again because it seems to me we were all pretty nice.

Phineas: All except for Buford, 'cause he's got that whole "last minute reprieve" theory. *

Buford: It's going to work. You watch. *

Phineas, Isabella, Baljeet Candace and Jeremy: Where did we go wrong? Please tell me.
Where did we go wrong?
Where did we go,

Phineas and Isabella: Won't somebody tell me,

Where did we go wrong?

* = dialogue not included in the Soundtrack release


  • The lawn gnome that Candace knocks over was holding a sign that said "Giant Sale!".
  • Buford was the only kid who didn't sing, and Candace and Jeremy somehow knew that the kids were singing the song because they were singing along.
  • When the song starts you can see Phineas had mittens by the bed he was on but when they left the mall he wasn't wearing them.
  • This song is 30 seconds before Danville for Niceness.
  • This is the first time Isabella has a solo.
  • Buford was eating chocolates out of a present.
  • In the soundtrack version, Dan Povenmire can be heard singing in the chorus. Although in the episode Dan's voice is still there, Phineas's voice was made louder so you would hear him over Dan.
  • The edited version of this episode (being only 30 minutes long) does not include this song at all, it was deleted for time purposes.

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